A letter from Georg Buonacorsi, Count of Tuscany, to his sister, Countess Maria Magdalena:

Florenz, 6, Sept., 1841

My good sister,

I have now really obtained the Diploma of Count of Tuscany in full form and right. We are now Count and Countess of Tuscany. As soon as I have submitted my Diploma entitling me to the title of Count to the Minister of Foreign Relations in Bavaria and as soon as the matter has been published, you may make use of the title of Countess in Bavaria. And now listen. Our Grandfather, Givan-Giorgio, is in all books of the local Tuscany government Archives fully legitimately recorded and I did not meet the least objection to my legitimate demands. The possessions of the Patronage Foundation are in the hands of the Stephens-Order of the State of Tuscany. I am certain that I will receive the possessions because they are legitimately mine or the Grand-Duke will have to make due compensation.

Both Buonacorsi, Marchese Lorenzo Buonacorsi and Cavaliere Pietro Buonacorsi left no children or heirs and already acknowledged me as the nearest relative. Emile Buonacorsi (who was the wife of Chevaliere Alberto, the founder of the Patronage Commende in the Stephens-Order) Marchese Lorenzo Buonacorsi is immensely rich and has Palaces and Villas here.

Chevaliere Pietro Buonacorsi is well over 50 years old but is still a tall and very handsome man. Both Chevaliere like me very much as the nearest relative.

And now, dear Sister, so far I have been fortunate, we have the noble title and can hope to receive a great fortune. The possessions of the Patronage of the Stephens-Order will doubtless be located this week.

My trip to Italy is certain since I can furnish all necessary proof of my right to the Patronage Commende. My research has also disclosed that in the year 1751 the Grand-Duke of Tuscany mortgaged the income from Pistoia with certain French financiers. The reason must have been some great financial embarrassment. It is possible that under the circumstances the Patronage's possessions were also liquidated. In that case the State of Tuscany owes me possessions or a due compensation and I shall pursue my legitimate demands to the end.